I'm Em! I'm passionate about love, people and photography. 

When you invite me to shoot your wedding, I'm no stranger.

I love getting to know you as individuals and as a team, your journey and what has led you to where you are today. I value your openness, this enables me to be genuinely invested in you. 

On your wedding day, you’ll find me chatting, listening, laughing (and dancing!) with your loved ones. I'll be there enjoying the moment, all whilst capturing special, candid moments for you to treasure. 

I’m like a behind-the-camera bridesmaid you’ll feel like you’ve known for a lifetime! This approach to shooting your wedding day comes so naturally to me - I actually feel the most comfortable when you've opened up to me, sharing the details that are the most important to you leading up to your wedding. This way I'm best prepared to capture the details of your story during our time together.

If you feel like this approach suits you, I’d love you to get in touch and share your story with me!